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One of the best ways to manage energy, especially in the current time of subsidy removal and witness every day increasing growth of money bills on water, gas and electricity is to avoid energy wasting either heat or cooling energies by use of cooling or thermal insulations.
We are proud to introduce the best and most cost effective type of insulation benefiting from the latest technology, which is widely used in industry, public places, etc.
SUNOFLEX is an elastomeric, closed-cell thermal insulation for insulating central heating and cooling systems, including hot and cold water plumbing, hot and cold air ducts, tanks, pipes for liquids and gases transferring used in different industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical, automotive, power generation, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, pharmaceutical, pharmacy and construction industries in order to store energy and avoid the problems due to condensation.


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south Rajaie industrial town first 35m Boulevard in west Mellat bank stock
(411) 4209218-20
(411) 4209218-20

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Launch Site -

Azerbaijan Tamay site launched on November 91. Purpose of this site is Tamay products and services.

Background of elastomeric insulations -

Closed cell elastomeric insulations were introduced for the first time 50 years ago to the installation market. These closed cell elastomeric foams have had a successful experience as heat and cooling insulations in mechanical installations industry. Since this type of insulations have many advantages compared to the fiberglass insulations, today, they are mainly used in mechanical installations industry. Closed cell elastomeric insulations have a soft and durable exterior surface that is resistant to the accumulation of dirt and moisture; thus, they can counter with the growth of pathogens and yeasts. Also, due to the strong surface in elastomeric insulations, they are more resistant to being punctured compared with glass wool insulations.

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